Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Would you please hold?

I hate it when operators or customer service representatives use this phrase. You never really know if they'll be back. Did they just run to the vending machine for a quick snack, under the title of "let me check with my supervisor"? Do they have a sneeze they just can't get out? Maybe they were on hold with another customer service rep. from another company, and they had to put me on hold so they could handle their business on the other line.

Whatever the case, being on hold can really be annoying. With all this nonsense hooking you in...wondering what the next sentence will hold, I will give you my anticlimactic message for today. Here it is...are you ready? My message is...would you please hold?

You see, I leave very soon and am scheduled to be gone for four weeks. Our daughter is waiting for me, and this Saturday, I will get to meet her face to face. So, pray for me as I journey, and we will get back to our spiritual journey together when I return.

Please enjoy the lame, instrumental version of the Beatles song "Yesterday" and other lame favorites while you hold...