Monday, June 19, 2006

We All Need a Hero

I had a thought this afternoon as I was listening to one of my favorite Christian radio programs. One of the things that I love about this radio host is that he makes me think...more than that, he makes me want to be better than I am...he makes me desire a more Christlike thought life when it comes to the issues of our day...he sets an example that I want to follow. Do you have someone like that? Do you have someone in your life that challenges you to go beyond who you are and where you are? Do you have a hero? If not, I encourage you to find one. Find someone who may be gifted in the same way that you are and can challenge you toward greater effectiveness. Obviously, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself is our greatest hero, in that sense of the word, and the Holy Spirit within us keeps us motivated. However, throughout history, God has chosen to use great men and women of faith as well. So, who is it for you? It may be a radio host, it may be a church father, it may be a key figure from church history, it may be a biblical character, it may be someone you know doesn't matter.

I met this hero of mine personally, and I doubt that he would ever remember my name. However, the way in which he thinks and speaks about culture, the Bible, theology, etc., keeps me motivated toward greater discipleship and the disciplining of my mind. Actually, the feeling is one that comes through in this thought: "Man, I'm an idiot! I want to think like that!" Those feelings drive me to want a more deeply committed mind that loves the Lord. I may be wrong, but I suspect that Elijah was this kind of hero for Elisha. This may be why Elisha asks for a "double portion of [Elijah's] spirit" (2 Kings 2:9b). Who drives you in your walk with Christ? Who has a spirit that you would want double of? Who is your hero? We all need a hero.