Thursday, February 21, 2008

Things to Avoid When You're Exhausted

The year-long emotional roller coaster of adoption, the 3 1/2-week journey to Liberia and back (which included being a single dad for that time), the malaria medicine's side effects, and jet lag have all combined to give me about 2 1/2 weeks of exhaustion. I simply have felt tired all the time. Though the stretches of normal energy levels are increasing (praise the Lord!), I still find myself wanting to nap (i.e.- pass out) a couple of times a day.

All of this has reminded me of being at a pastor's conference once and hearing someone talk about things to avoid when you're exhausted (physically, mentally, emotionally, etc.). It wasn't the main topic...I just remember it being a "side note" in the midst of his talking about other things. I can't find my notes, but I can remember some of them. When you're exhausted, you should never:

1. Operate heavy equipment...or a car, for that matter
2. Write important letters or e-mails
3. Quit your job
4. Try to make important, life-changing decisions
5. Evaluate your spiritual health
6. Evaluate others' spiritual health

That's all I can think of right now. To be honest, some of these have snuck up on me when I've been exhausted. Not only is reality often skewed when you're tired, but for me, negativity is an easy trap to fall into...whether it's about me, others, relationships, ministries, etc. I can get to the point that I sound utterly depressed if I allow myself to think too much about important things when I'm tired.

Take some time, think about it, and leave a comment with anything else that might be unwise to do when you're exhausted. If you feel so moved, write your own confession of things you've done when you were exhausted...and now you wish you wouldn't have done it.

READERS' NOTE: Though I have blogged a few times when exhausted (and the result was certainly tainted), this entry is not one of those times. Thanks...the Mgmt.