Friday, July 18, 2008

Not dead yet

I checked my stat counter recently, and I can see that several of you are still checking in from time to time. I apologize for not writing more. My family is just beginning to settle from a move, and it has been nuts. Having a yard again, I find myself with one of life's greatest meditation-conducive activities...mowing. The Lord has been teaching me much, and there are things I plan to begin to write about within the next week or so. So, I'm not dead yet...I haven't thrown in the towel (I can't even find the towel, but I'm sure it's in a box somewhere).

For those who come by often (or even not so often), you can pray for me as I think about the next stage of this mysterious journey of writing. There are two large projects looming in my head, and I would like to take the next year or so and pursue one of them. I am praying for the discernment to decide correctly and for the perseverance necessary to dedicate a year to such a project.

In the mean time, I'll still be blogging. See you soon.